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About Diesel's

It all started in 2010 while at a truck graveyard searching for parts I came across a Freightliner cab over semi truck. As I stared in awe, I had the vision of a restaurant and bar with the cab hanging on the wall.

As years past, I spent time designing a menu that was sure to appeal to any and all. As months went by, I would change items on the menu, delete some and add others. All this time I had the thought of the cab lingering in my brain. What could I do to be different? How would my vision stand out? How could I make a difference? Then it came to me... fill their belly with spectacular food, give them a great place to relax and offer them things that they couldn’t find elsewhere.

I knew that I wanted to keep the location close to home, small town and best of all…. LOCAL! After looking at many buildings, I finally found the perfect location, downtown Danville, Indiana. It was the perfect situation, just a few miles from home and all the splendor of small town USA and best of all, the building was 110 years old!

In February 2013, we secured the building of a bar that the owners had recently retired. I knew it was going to hard work as my plan was to do a complete remodel. All this time, I still had the thought of that old truck in my mind and knew the direction I needed to go. Soon after the demolition phase, I realized I couldn’t do it all. I tried to be a contractor, electrician, plumber and painter while trying to meet with vendors, reply to emails and answer phone calls. I didn’t get much work done to say the least. I then started to lean on close friends as some them were experts in their trades. Thank goodness as I would never have gotten anything done in time.

Now, just days before opening, we are doing last minute items and making the place truly unique. There is an antique faux mural on the wall, expanded kitchen with new equipment, new floors, restored original tin ceilings, but best of all. Hanging behind the bar is a Freightliner cab over. We decided to add a few unique touches like the beer taps coming out of the Texas Bumper, working headlights and clearance lights and how could we ever forget a couple mud flap girls!  


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